Accelerating Innovation in Fintech

Accelovate's end to end solution allows you to launch your Fintech product in weeks, not months.

Super fast to implement

Traditional card schemes can take 9-12 months to set up. We’ll have you up and running in a month or two, tops.

Transparent, fixed pricing

We’ll show you all costs up front: nothing hidden, no sneaky small print. You’ll know your exact costs before you begin, making your budgeting a piece of cake.

One simple agreement

Launching a card scheme requires deals with multiple partners. We’ve pulled all of these into one, simple agreement: less negotiations, less paperwork, more time to focus on your business.

Leave the complicated stuff to us

Our platform is built, the partners are integrated and our experts are ready to help. Focus on what you do best while we handle the boring stuff: compliance, regulations and contracts.

Simple to upgrade

Once you’ve proved your idea you can upgrade to our global scale product, Crunch, giving you an easy route to a full public launch.

Bring your idea to life in a matter of weeks

Use our existing integrations with trusted partners to reduce time, cost and risk in the run-up to product launch day.

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With Accelovate 3 – 6 weeks

+ Detailed View

  • 1-2 days
    Choose product features

    Select the tools you need to realise your idea. Number of cards, load limits, use of our developer API and more services are all up for grabs.

  • 1 week
    A couple of quick checks

    We perform some straight-forward compliance checks on you and your business. Our process simplifies the process for you.

    1-3 weeks
    Integrate API (optional)

    If required, you can integrate the Accelovate API into your existing product. This saves you precious time and money in the development process.

  • 1 week
    Launch your product

    All your product features are read to be launched, so you have a fully-functioning proof of concept to share with the world.

Traditional Method 1 year

+ Detailed View

  • 12 weeks
    Hire the team

    To realise an intial idea, a large team of experts will need to be brought together. These will include developers, compliance, project managers, customer service, security administrators etc.

  • 10-20 weeks
    Find trusted partners

    Build relationships with relevant providers, this is usually over 9 providers, including card manufacturers, transaction processors, card issuers and other partners. Establish contracts and make sure they can all work together.

  • 8 weeks
    Integrate Provider

    You will need to integrate providers into the product. This can be a very long process of time and money in the development of a product.

  • 8 weeks
    Develop product

    Invest time and money developing a product that integrates with all of the external systems it needs to, and has the functionality you and your customers need.

  • 4 weeks

    If required, you can integrate the Accelovate API into your existing product. This saves you precious time and money in the development process.

  • 4 weeks
    Pass compliance checks

    Key company stakeholders will be checked. The product also needs to pass payment industry compliance checks including fraud prevention, 3DS provider and other security measures.

  • 4 weeks
    Approve and launch

    When you're happy with the app, you can sign off and launch it into the world.

Physical cards and digital wallets

Accelovate integrates with card manufacturers, Mastercard ®, fraud systems and other key partners to allow you to create your own physical cards and digital payment systems.

iOS & Android App

Our customisable app enables businesses and cardholders to monitor transactions, change card settings, view compliance documentation, and many more additional features.

Card Management Platform

Accelovate’s web based cardholder administration tool (CAT) allows you to manage cardholders and transactions in just a few clicks. All while ensuring full compliance, safety and security.


We’ve created an API to enable developers to integrate the existing Accelovate eco-system with your own financial technology. No need to invest in building your own system.

Fully transparent pricing

We pride ourselves in being open and transparent with all costs. Get a bespoke quote for your project by answering a few quick questions about your needs.

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