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What's included?
System Configuration
Issuer set up
Issuer product approval
Processor implementation
Immediate card issuance
Mastercard ® preapproved program
Card manufacturer pre-integrated
Know your business due diligence checks
Access to the following currencies: USD/GBP/EUR
Award Winning GPS Protect coverage
Accelovate Comprehensive
Fraud Monitoring
3DS 1.0, 2.0 and 2.1 compliant
All features PSD2 and GDPR compliant
Product Compliance assistance
Training and Client Support
Card Management Platform
Agile Permission access control
Multi Language Support
Cardholder Registration Functionality
Fully integrated KYC and PEP/Sanctions checks
Cardholder Welcome Pack
Card allocation and ordering (Virtual or Physical)
Cardholder management including support for system access
Card management (eg. Freeze/unfreeze, PIN management, loads, etc)
Manage card restrictions individually or in bulk
Real Time Transaction history including declines
Statement Exports
Segregated Company Funds (MVC)
Smartphone App
Realtime Card Balance
Scan and upload receipts for individual transactions
Multiple cards display including balances and currencies
Real time transactional history
Change card behaviour – merchant controls
ATM & online permissions
Block/Unblock Card(s) instantly
View documentation (policies, T&Cs, and fees)
Cardholder Push Notifications
Cardholder Portal
Realtime Card Balance
Realtime Transaction history
Monthly statements
View personal details
Block/Unblock card(s)
Enhanced Notification control
Manage Wallet funds
View documentation (policies, T&Cs and fees)
Rest API
Cardholder registration
Card management
Limit management
PIN management
Detailed statements
Multi-Channel notification
Fee management
Cardholder authentication
File transfer (receipts and documents)
Additional task specific APIs
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who we are?

    We are Accelovate a branch of Crunch Payments Ltd. Over the last 7 years Crunch has helped numerous innovative FinTech’s and start-ups to launch their bespoke card programs by offering them access to our extensive ecosystem as well as our established relationship with trusted Fintech providers.

  • What do we offer?

    Accelovate is our end to end solution focussed on the Fintech market allowing you to accelerate your Fintech launch whilst letting you innovate. Accelovate is your rocket launchpad to market.

    Thanks to Accelovate you can test your proof of concept in real time and do so within weeks rather than months, letting you absorb the market feedback to improve and adapt your innovative product.

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  • How does Accelovate work?

    Accelovate provides under one umbrella the multiple key components required to launch a prepaid/debit or virtual card. Accelovate offers to their clients a single system and agreement, which give our clients access to our established relationship with trusted card issuers (bank), card manufacturers, card processor as well as access to our Latest Fintech innovation & systems and compliance expertise

    Accelovate lets you concentrate on product, marketing and customer relationship whilst relaying on our expertise and experience to navigate your Fintech product launch.

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