Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions about Accelovate

  • Who we are?

    We are Accelovate a branch of Crunch Payments Ltd. Over the last 7 years Crunch has helped numerous innovative FinTech’s and start-ups to launch their bespoke card programs by offering them access to our extensive ecosystem as well as our established relationship with trusted Fintech providers.

  • What do we offer?

    Accelovate is our end to end solution focussed on the Fintech market allowing you to accelerate your Fintech launch whilst letting you innovate. Accelovate is your rocket launchpad to market.

    Thanks to Accelovate you can test your proof of concept in real time and do so within weeks rather than months, letting you absorb the market feedback to improve and adapt your innovative product.

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  • How does Accelovate work?

    Accelovate provides under one umbrella the multiple key components required to launch a prepaid/debit or virtual card. Accelovate offers to their clients a single system and agreement, which give our clients access to our established relationship with trusted card issuers (bank), card manufacturers, card processor as well as access to our Latest Fintech innovation & systems and compliance expertise

    Accelovate lets you concentrate on product, marketing and customer relationship whilst relaying on our expertise and experience to navigate your Fintech product launch.

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  • What is on offer?

    Accelovate offers a full complete package for your Fintech launch including, client portal, cardholder app, approved scheme connectivity, integration with our card issuer, card processor, card manufacturer, compliance and KYC providers.

    However you could choose a more ‘à la carte’ menu. Pick and choose:
    – our app or your app (using our extensive APIs)
    – use our responsive web based system or integrate in your system using our Apis.
    – Use our card stock or create your own card design (Crunch)
    – etc.

    The whole approach is tailored to offer you a fast track approach to market, letting you test and finalise the details of your finished product whilst getting customer feedback and real life testing of the product.

  • What is a program Manager?

    Launching a card scheme requires dealings and agreements with multiple partners. A program manager pulls all of these into one simple agreement: less negotiations, less paperwork, more time to focus on your business.

    So, will I need an Issuer?


    Will I need a Processor?


    Do I need a Fraud System?


    Do I need an IVR?


    Do I need a card Manufacturer?


    All you need is an idea and a plan and Crunch/Accelovate will help you build it. Please refer to this page for complete list of services offered by Accelovate.

  • What size Company do I need to be to use your product?

    We work with small businesses to large businesses. Our product is aimed to scale up from one card to any number.

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  • Is my Money safe?

    Yes – We don’t lend or take risks with our customers’ money; we access it solely to execute the customer’s transactions. Client funds are always protected, as they are completely independent of our business bank accounts and assets. Client money is kept in a protected, ring-fenced account. The funds are safeguarded under UK Electronic Money Regulations 2017 and cannot be claimed by any creditors.

    So, you can rest assured that your funds are safe!

  • What is a prepaid card?

    A prepaid debit card is an alternative banking card that only lets you spend the money you load onto the card. Like a debit card, a prepaid card works at any merchant that accepts the payment network of Mastercard ®. It’s safer and more convenient than using cash.

  • Where can I use the Accelovate prepaid card?

    Accelovate Mastercard can be used wherever Mastercard are accepted, including: physical or online retail shops, for purposes by mail order and by phone, in your home location or abroad. Millions of merchants in more than 210 countries and territories take Mastercard

  • Do I need other systems?

    No – We offer all the key components

    Although if you choose to have a solution integrated to your own system, Accelovate offers an extensive API solution to easily integrate with your third-party systems.

  • How long does it take to setup?

    Accelovate can have you up and running in a few weeks pending on Program approval. Note: Traditional card schemes setups can take 9-12 months.

  • Are there any hidden costs?

    No – We pride ourselves on our transparency! Accelovate will show you all costs up front: nothing hidden, no sneaky small print. You’ll know your exact costs before you begin. Budgeting will be a piece of cake.

  • Can Accelovate integrate with our system?

    Yes – Our wide range of APIs allows you to integrate Accelovate seamlessly with your own system. Accelovate empowers your desktop, web and/or mobile applications with our APIs capabilities.

  • Do I need a compliance team?

    No – Accelovate provides a full integrated cardholder onboarding system including full KYC as well as a compliance team. Our platform is built, the partners are integrated and our experts are ready to help. Focus on what you do best while we handle the boring stuff: compliance, fraud monitoring, regulations and contracts. This will reduce your requirement to hire a compliance team to a minimum.

  • Do I need to hire new staff for my Fintech launch?

    No – Our platform is built, the partners are integrated and our experts are ready to help. Focus on what you do best while we handle the boring stuff: compliance, fraud monitoring, regulations and contracts.

  • I need a bespoke product!

    Perhaps not with Accelovate but Crunch Payments Ltd. Is here to help! Unfortunately, it is not possible with current regulations to build a “fit all “launchpad product, some clients require truly bespoke products from the onset. Such clients can benefit from our expertise and flexible Crunch Payments Ecosystem to build their desired products. Please reach to our experts to discuss in more details.

  • Currency Conversion

    If you would like to calculate the currency conversion amount spent on your card against the European Central bank rate and Mastercard rate, then please visit please use the same credentials you use in the Crunch App.  

    • -Select Extras 
    • -Select Currency Conversion 
    • -Then select the card currency, transaction currency and enter the amount 
    • -The amount will then be converted 

    Please contact our customer services team if you have any questions on +44 (0) 191 303 4545 (Press Option 2 and then option 3) 

  • Transaction Alerts

    If you would like to enable your Transaction Notification preferences for your transactions over a certain amount or currency, then please visit please use the same credentials you use in the Crunch App.  

    • -Your Card 
    • -Select Transaction Notification 
    • -Then enter/select when you would like to be notified and how you want them to be delivered to you 
    • -Click Save  

    Please contact our customer serviceteam if you have any questions on +44 (0) 191 303 4545 (Press Option 2 and then option 3) 

  • 3DS FAQ

    What is 3DS?

    3DS (also known as ‘Mastercard SecureCode’, ‘Identity Check’ and ‘Verified by Visa’) is a standard which helps to reduce fraud and provide extra security to your online payments. Authentication is the process by which you identify yourself by sharing secure information that is available only to you. 3DS 2.0 is the latest version and provides a much smoother and safer process for you to authenticate your payments.


    What is the use of Authentication?

    Authentication provides an additional layer of security for online transactions, making it harder for fraudsters to gain access to your payment details.3. Is 3DS active on my card? Yes, your card has been enrolled in Mastercard SecureCode (3DS) so that wherever you see the Mastercard SecureCode logo online, your card number will automatically be recognised during checkout. Your card provider is contacted during checkout to confirm your identity as the genuine cardholder.


    What is the process for Authentication?

    You will receive a 6-digit One Time Password (OTP) for each online purchase you make at participating merchants. The OTP will be sent by SMS or by email to the mobile phone or email address which you have registered with your card provider. Simply key in the OTP on the authentication page displayed and press the ‘Submit’ button. The OTP will then be verified by your card provider and the transaction will be approved or declined.


    How will I know whether the registered mobile number or email address is the right one?

    The partially masked mobile number and email address will be displayed on the authentication page so that you can check that those details are correct. If the mobile number and email address are incorrect, cancel the transaction and either update your information on the portal or contact Customer Services by calling +44 (0) 191 303 4545.


    What if I suspect that fraud has occurred on my card?

    If you ever suspect that a fraudulent purchase has been made using your card, contact Customer Services by calling +44 (0) 191 303 4545immediately.

  • Need help with your card ?

    Please contact our customer serviceteam if you have any questions on +44 (0) 191 303 4545 (Press Option 2 and then option 3) 

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